Autodialer vs Web-hosted Messaging



Unlike the One Call Now services, many automated messaging services still use physical hardware autodialers to send calls. These legacy autodialers are housed at your location and will use local phone lines to deliver calls. This means that your staff will need to physically maintain the hardware and will need to insure there are adequate phone lines available for message delivery. Most autodialers are only capable of sending 60 calls per hour per phone line so this dramatically affects volume capabilities. Windows updates often affect the hardware and upgrades require a physical installation. 

Since a standard autodialer does not by itself deliver texts most vendors have to apply separate applications to send texts. Some require using a third party app to initiate texts from your location. Others will send from their own facility which normally consists of a single location (gateway), connecting with a single phone carrier. This also limits the volume capabilities. Typically there needs to be an indicator in your file to identify which record receives a text or a call. 

While there are many vendors who send texts, very few also deliver calls. It is important to send calls along with texts because approximately 15% of all recipients have a landline or prefer to receive a call. You do not want these recipients to miss your important messages. 

The One Call Now messaging service is 100% web hosted. This means that all messaging comes from our secure telecommunication facilities and there is nothing to maintain or troubleshoot. Unlike most vendors, we can deliver both calls and texts seamlessly. We automatically deliver texts to all cell phones and calls to all landlines. Your staff does not need to track the media device, our system knows the difference. We use multiple secure telecommunication facilities located across the nation connecting with many carriers so that your messages are reliably delivered regardless of the volume. Many of our customers have switched from other vendors and all are satisfied.