About Us


DigiConnect, formerly the team from US Netcom, has been providing customized automated messaging to government since 2001. Our specialty is helping WIC, public health, labor departments, and family services deliver messages designed to initiate a call to action. We partner with One Call Now, a Send Word Now Communications Inc. company, to deliver the most powerful and reliable messaging service in the industry.

Over 15 years of experience managing government communication projects insures customer satisfaction. We have a unique implementation process which frees up your time and simplifies the steps to go live.

We are pleased to announce our newest partnerships.

WIC Health Channel. WIC Health Channel provided hundreds streaming educational videos designed to help affect and and reinforce healthy lifestyle changes. WIC Health Channel videos are evidence based using real people and industry professionals in targeted videos on topics to meet the entire WIC life cycle.

Lexikeet translation services allows  your agency to communicate with your recipients in their language. Insure recipients understand important instructions and documents with Video Interpretation, Document Translation, Intake Apps, and more.

DigiConnect is founded on Christian principals believing that all people deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion and that Jesus is the only way to salvation.



Client & Staff Messaging

powered by One Call Now


High volume text & phone messaging. 15,000 calls & 150,000 texts per minute.

Customized messaging tailored for your clients.

Trusted solutions. Click HERE to see if your state contracts with us.

Industry's best security. Approved by many government agencies.

Multiple secure message initiation facilities. Redundancy for successful messaging.

Connects with 48 phone carriers. Industry's most reliable delivery.

Multiple outreach and language options. Engage your clients.


Streaming Educational Videos

by WIC Health Channel


Display in clinics, use for client training, and offer mobile access to moms.

Hundreds of targeted educational videos. Reinforce healthy lifestyles

Videos use live people & industry experts. Increased education retention.

Practice tested - Evidence based videos used by WICs throughout the country.

Games and videos for kids. Learning while having fun.

Mobile ready. Help busy mom's with online nutrition ed certification.

Customized Certificate Questionnaires. Design your own.