Appointment Reminders

Customized Appointment Reminders

Working with One Call Now, we have a unique method to deliver highly customized appointment reminder texts and phone messages..

Normally  the only way to personalize a message is by inserting data from your file exactly how it is displayed in your file. Example: If your appointment reminder file has a field for an appointment type but the file only has the word "Recertification"  or worse yet, "RC", your reminder message could only include the actual word "Recertification" or "RC" in the message without providing additional instructions. 

However, our developers know how to get around these common limitations. Instead we "map" the data from your files to personalize the messages precisely for your recipient. 

Where your file has a site ID, we will deliver the full name of that site, the number they should call and will display the local caller ID.

Where your file has an appointment type code, we will include the full instructions for all types of appointments.

Where your file has a language code, we will deliver the messages in that language. 

This all happens automatically from one file. There is no need for you to sort the files by locations, appointment types and languages. Additionally the messages can be set to automatically deliver by text to all cell phones and by phone to all landlines without your staff needing to identify them in the data file. 

On a daily basis, besides dropping the file, there is absolutely no work necessary to deliver the automated and personalized appointment reminder messages.