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Job Service Automated Text Messaging

Improve Engagement for Career Readiness

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Why is this service so popular? Because our customers love it! The implementation is fast, daily use is simple, support is outstanding and their clients rave about it.

Sending text and phone notifications has proven to be a very effective way to connect with job seekers and improve your state's WIOA compliance. 15% of all messages will go to landlines. Our service will automatically send your personalized messages by text to participant cell phones and by phone to their landlines without your staff tracking their device. This produces the highest delivery rate possible along with the best results.

Our expert team has a unique process which will simplify your implementation. We have provided personalized and general messages for government agencies since 2001.  Your set-up will be quick and easy.

  • Daily use is automatic.
  • Closure and emergency messages can be created from any location and delivered within minutes.
  • Automatically deliver texts, emails, and calls.
  • Send personalize messages with specific instructions.
  • 15,000 calls and 150,000 texts per minute.
  • No equipment needed, fully web-based.

See what our customers say on our TESTIMONIALS page.

Request a demonstration with messages sent live during the meeting.


  • Hello, this is your <LOCATION NAME>. We wish to inform<FIRST NAME >of one or more job postings matching your profile.
  • <ID1><TITLE1>
  • <ID2><TITLE2>
  • <ID3><TITLE3>
  • For more information, please go to our website at <LOCATION URL>or visit our office at<LOCATION ADDRESS>. If you have any questions please call <LOCATION PHONE>. Thank you.


<LOCATION NAME> msg for <FIRST NAME > about job postings @ <LOCATION URL><ID1> <ID2> <ID3>.  Questions call <LOCATION PHONE>.