Remote Technology Options for Safety Net Program Participants


  • One Call Now's high speed SMS quickly alerts everybody
  • Provide new "remote appointment" instructions
  • Tens of thousands of texts & calls in minutes
  • Quick launch from mobile or desktop
  • Two-way chat integration for encrypted one-on-one
  • Perfectly customized automated messaging




  • One Call Now integrates with the most popular two-way chat app
  • Unlike two-way text, all conversations are secure and encrypted
  • Deliver English chats automatically to the language of the phone
  • Hold secure and encrypted audio and video calls
  • Conserve client's data resources with an app most already use


  • WIC Health Channel & SNAP Health Channel
  • Hundreds of streaming educational videos
  • Topic from breastfeeding, pregnancy, to making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Stream from any device 24/7
  • Second contact Nutrition Ed Certification
  • 30 plus years experience


  • Lexikeet's Translation Service
  • On demand translation
  • Video Interpretation
  • Multi-Lingual Intake
  • Document, SMS, and Voice Translations


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