Language Translation

Document Translation

Easily submit and retrieve documents using the Lexikeet easy-to-use web portal

Audio/Visual Solutions

Multilingual audio/visual rights and responsibilities

Multilingual welcome to our program videos



Gather and give information easily using the Lexikeet customized Multilingual Intake Software

Video Interpretation

Make communication easier when you connect with quality video and phone interpreters


Add a new dimension to your training  with the Lexikeet mnemonics and game based training system


1. Lexikeet has a new centralized phone number for on-demand 3 way phone: Please share the following announcement about Lexikeet's new centralized number with your non-English speaking families!

2. More On-Demand Languages: We've added Haitian Creole & Somali to our on-demand languages list! More languages may be added soon. Keep any eye out!

3. Make 3-way Phone Calls from Your Lexikeet Account: Beginning May 10, 2021, you have the ability to make on-demand 3-way phone calls directly from your Lexikeet account. It will start as a video call between you and the interpreter. The interpreter will then join the non-English speaker via phone call directly from our system. Quick and easy! Watch the video to see how it's done!