WIC Health Channel: Reach participants in their homes

Would you like to provide participants with focused WIC Nutrition Eduction in their homes? Want to provide them dynamic video content on topics ranging from breastfeeding to living an active lifestyle?
Designed specifically for WIC programs, the WIC Health Channel is now available to your participants directly in their homes. They can review nutrition education content on their phones, laptops or home computers. No login required, all they need is an internet connection. And now, with new lesson modules that can be customized, participants can fulfill their second nutrition education contact online at home.
The WIC Health Channel can still loop custom playlists in your waiting rooms and be used in one-on-one and group trainings. One subscription, many applications.
Subscriptions are typically one year. For a limited time, Film Ideas is offering a 3-month trial subscription to WIC programs at a very attractive price.
We can have you up and running within a week. Please get in touch for a custom quote or to schedule a demo.
View the demo HERE
Best regards,
Bob Norris
Regional Manager
WIC Health Channel
Education Through Visualization