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Client & Staff Messaging

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High volume text & phone messaging. 15,000 calls & 150,000 texts per minute.

Customized messaging tailored for your clients.

Trusted solutions. Click HERE to see if your state contracts with us.

Industry's best security. Approved by many government agencies.

Multiple secure message initiation facilities. Redundancy for successful messaging.

Connects with 48 phone carriers. Industry's most reliable delivery.

Multiple outreach and language options. Engage your clients.


Streaming Educational Videos

powered by WIC Health Channel


Display in clinics, use for client training, and offer mobile access to moms.

Hundreds of targeted educational videos. Reinforce healthy lifestyles

Videos use live people & industry experts. Audio and visual increase retention.

Practice tested - Evidence based videos used by WICs throughout the country.

Games and videos for kids. Learning while having fun.

Mobile ready. Help busy mom's with online nutrition ed certification.

Customized Certificate Questionnaires. Design your own.


How Can DigiConnect Help Client Retention and Communication

Industry Specific Applications

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User Testimonials

“Michigan WIC has worked with One Call Now since 2009 providing voice and text messaging. One Call Now has provided valuable services to our clients in Michigan. We are pleased to partner with One Call Now in serving our clients better.” – Customer since 2009

Michigan State WIC – WIC Text and Voice Messaging

Michigan State WIC – WIC Text and Voice Messaging

WIC Data Research and Technology Director

I have a clinic with 8,000 participants.  Last week – July 10th, 2015, we were having Farmer’s Market for this clinic.  We had done quite a bit of advertising the event – radio announcements, newspaper article, and we put a reminder notice in each participant’s WIC folder. By 9:00, we had printed checks for 250 clients and we had served everyone. I was hesitant to send a text message to 8,000 people, but I decided to go ahead and do it.  So, I went to my One Call system, typed a short message reminding clients about farmer’s market going on “Right Now” and said there was NO LINE, NO WAIT.  The message went out around 9:30 AM.  In about 15 minutes, the waiting room was full and people were in line outside waiting to come in. By 3:00 we had issued checks to 685 people. – Customer Since 2015

West Central Health District, GA – WIC Farmers Market Text

West Central Health District, GA – WIC Farmers Market Text

WIC Director

“Today we learned that using One Call Now to text out a survey to our 4000 WIC clients produced great results!  We have been struggling in clinic to get clients to complete our WIC survey.  We were passing out a small slip with everycard load for weeks, getting us approximately 29 completions.  One Call Now assisted us with sending out a survey link via text and today we have far surpassed our goal with 243 completions.  That’s about a 5% completion rate.  I can’t believe the results! If you’re looking for a way to up your survey completion rates, consider giving this a try!”

Lorain County Ohio Incredible Survey Completion Rates

Marissa, Lorain County WIC

“I can offer some insights. In the run-up to our calls, the rate of daily card activations averaged roughly 5,000 and our highest days were when we surpassed the 9,000 threshold (on two occasions). On July 1st, the day of our calls, we recorded a total of 19,188 card activations. Subsequently, the daily activations have been back in the low-to-mid 4-figure range. A very nice bump that seems to be directly attributable to the calls made!” 

IL Dept of Employment Security Improves EBT Activation

IL Dept of Employment Security Improves EBT Activation

Chief Financial Officer
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